Friday, September 28, 2007

Sit at Home -- Study With the World

If you are really keen on the long term success of your career, you need to have great education. I know that almost sounds cliched, but what can I do, it is the truth.

When I look back at my career thus far, if I did not have an undergrad degree in computer engineering, and if I had not completed by MBA degree at a top-20 US business school, I would certainly not have managed to reach where I have actually reached.

At my time, you had to go to a university, and I mean physically transport yourself. That is because the only distance courses at that time were the correspondence courses where the postman would bring in the daily lesson! With the advent and proliferation of the Internet, today you can go to an online educational destination such as the Everest College Online and get yourself a decent education.

Continuing the example of the Everest College Online, despite being online it has all the flavors of a full-fledged offline university. There is the placement cell; there are excellent faculty members, and more.

Do yourself a big favor and get the best education you can get yourself. It is probably cliched, but education is indeed the best investment out there.

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