Sunday, September 30, 2007

Ladder Wiki - The Wiki for Relationship Advice

Just when you thought that you had visited every type of website there is, along comes yet another great resource. It leaves you wondering, "Why did no one think of this before?"

Recently I came across one such site,

This site is like the popular wikipedia site. But, unlike the wikipedia, this site is not about any and every thing. Instead it focuses on relationship and dating advice. The collective wisdom of the masses of Internet surfers goes into creating some top notch reading material.

So, if you are looking for relationship advice or dating advice, you now know where to head. Since the wiki is authored by people like you and me, you can be assured that the advice is real world advice from real world people.

In case you are wondering where the "Ladder" came from in the site name, well, it is because the site is inspired by Ladder Theory. This theory is about how men and women analyze each other in their first meeting.

A must visit. You will enjoy it.

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