Tuesday, September 18, 2007

If you need data about expiring / expired domain names...

Domain names are your website address. When you are typing, say, www dot something dot com, that "something" is your domain name.
But, now I am talking down to you. Surely you knew what a domain name is. But what you probably did not know was that each and every day, there are thousands of domain names expiring. Some of them were never used or developed, but others certainly were.
This gives rise to the opportunity that you could piggy-back on someone else's effort. And that the person has let the domain name expire should indicate that the person does not really mind you gaining the benefit.
For instance, you could hit the ground running with a domain name that is already listed in the Open Directory Project, or DMOZ for short.
Likewise, you could get domain names which have Page Rank (PR), backlinks in Yahoo and / or Google. Some expiring domain names could have nice positions in Alexa too.
But who is going to give you all that information. Simple! If you are looking for expired domains then you must visit DomDat.com It is the resource for expired domains and expiring domains. For instance, it could help you with all the parameters that I mentioned earlier in this post. Then again, you could set up email alerts. Well, let me not spoil your fun. Go ahead and sign up to get all the domain name goodies.

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