Friday, September 21, 2007

I am Highly Interested in a Low Interest Credit Card

There are so many credit cards out there. Which one is right for you? They say that marriages are made in heaven and there is a soul-mate for everyone. Is that true about credit cards too?

Surely, I jest! But I have been looking for credit card deals for a long time and found that I run into a wall every time. That is why I was excited when I saw an introductory offer for credit cards that looks like it has some serious potential.

For one, it allows me to get credit cards that offer a low interest rate. I know what you are wondering: Why would one get a low interest credit card when one can get a 0% card? Well, the fact is that the 0% cards are largely a myth. So, get real and get a low interest credit card.

Naturally, credit cards are about convenience and financial power. But remember the movie SpiderMan which espoused universal wisdom when it said that "with great power comes great responsibility."

So get a credit card. I have made your work easy for you by showing you where to get good credit cards. But then behave responsibly too. And then the good times roll in, remember which blog gave you the right advice and come running back for more great sites.

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