Wednesday, September 26, 2007

Freelance Writing

On the Internet, every body is a writer. Interestingly, in the pre-browser pre-HTML era, many of us almost never wrote. All communication took place in person or over the phone. But along came email and we all started "writing." But if your writing is much more than the struggle to string together sentences, you must read my friend Jenn Mattern's site on freelance writing.

Actually it is much more than a site on freelance writing. It is about all kinds of writing. What makes this all the more fun is that Jenn has specific ideas and does not beat around the bush. I guess that is what blogosphere 2.0 is all about. Ok Ok, in the 2.0 era, I wanted to make my own jargon, there is no such thing as blogosphere 2.0.

On Jenn's site, you can also look up freelance writing jobs on a regular basis. She pre-qualifies assignments so that you do not have to. And if you are ever stuck and could use a helpful word of advice, rush to the freelance writing forums.

Writing is serious business and writers like Jenn are pulling in a lot of moolah. You must visit her site to find out how she does it.

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