Sunday, August 26, 2007

Windsor Palms Florida

Thoughts of Disney World give rise to images of all the Walt Disney cartoons we grew to love. Mickey Mouse and Snow White and Goofy all retain pride of place in our hearts. However, it is not always possible to keep a track of Disney news. That is why, every time we go to Orlando on a vacation, we try to book Orlando vacation homes that are near the theme park. There is always something new to see.

Recently I learnt that the Reunion Resort should be completed by next year. This would mean that Reunion Resort homes would soon be available to tourists. One of the best things about this resort has to be its proximity to the Disney theme park. Driving down from the resort Walt Disney World is said to be only ten minutes away. Moreover, Orlando itself is a great place for tourists, and the resort offers a number of courses for golfers and enthusiasts alike.

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