Sunday, August 26, 2007

Home Schooling a Dyslexic

Choosing to home school your child can be a good dyslexia cure for a dedicated parent. It is unfortunate, but some public schools have a difficult time instructing their standard students, much less any students that require special accommodations. Boarding schools and private schools may also be too inconvenient, expensive, or impractical to be a realistic option. Under these circumstances, home schooling may be the best solution for their dyslexia. It won’t be a walk in the park though. Before you start you need to understand and comply with any state regulations regarding home schooling. You should also have a dyslexia symptoms test done to fully map out your child’s weaknesses so you can work around them. In order to effectively home school your child, you will also have to develop a good understanding of language, spelling, math, science, and literature. Finally, you will have to be ready to be both a parent and a teacher to your child, as you will need to be able to keep them on track if you expect them to learn. The benefits should be worth these problems though. You will be able to guarantee that they get the personal attention and the accommodations that they need. The widespread acceptance of home schooling will also allow you to join local groups of home schooled children to allow your child to get a good social experience too. Overall, it may be the best overall option for your situation.

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