Saturday, May 05, 2007

Travel Avignon

Have you been thinking about a trip to France? If not, come and take a short-term visit to By the time you are through there, you will be considering flight arrangements. This very well designed blog is designed to entice you and excite you and get you to the South of France, particularly, Avignon. Included on the site is a collection of comprehensive links that will keep you busy when you are in Avignon. Check out what accommodations are available, what activities there are to do and what the popular destinations in Avignon are. From French Festivals to the Cathedrale Notre-Dame, this site ensures that any visit you have to France (either imaginary or the real thing) is comprehensive and enjoyed.

You will find here, not just tourism information but a detailed history of the History of Avignon as well as detailed news listings on what is new in Avignon. Also discover why tourism is so popular in Avignon. You only need to look at the breathtaking photographs and art work displayed on this site makes Avignon such a popular tourist destination. So if you have not decided where to go on your next vacation, pop in here. You will definitely be leaning towards a cross-Atlantic trip by the time you are through.

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