Thursday, May 03, 2007

Torn Buttons : Photography Blog

If you enjoy taking pictures, take a look at Torn Buttons. This is a must stop shop for all photography buffs or anyone that likes to use a digital camera. This site is self-described by its owner as “the El-dorado for all photography lovers” and it is easy to see why. The blog is dedicated to photographers of the digital kind and has a wealth of information on here for either the amateur click and shooter, or the photography buff that wants to make a living behind the scenes. You will find information here on how to take that perfect shot, tips on lighting, differences between single lens reflux and digital single lens reflux, and anything else that you ever wanted to know about digital photography made easy.

This site is very easy to navigate and is aesthetically pleasing. Each post comes with an appropriate picture so that you know what the author is referring to. The pictures themselves draw your eye to the page and to the corresponding text to give you comfort in knowing the writer knows what they are talking about. The tips are user friendly and easy to follow, even if you don’t initially understand the terms.

If you have ever wondered how fashion photographers got that perfect shot, you will find out here fashion photography. If you were considering how to make an art out of digital photography, then look here. If you have questions about digital photography for your upcoming wedding, or are wondering about printing and photo editing your digital pictures, you will get the answers at Torn Buttons. There is not a question on the use of digital photography that will go unanswered on this site.

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