Wednesday, May 09, 2007


If you are looking for free programming stuff, check out the programming link at Free Stuff. Here you will find free tutorials on programming as well as "how to" build programs. If you are looking for detailed programming information, you can find it here. Included are most systems, how to nuts and bolts, as well as a range of very useful free programming languages. Another tutorial you can have a look at is one on network programming using Internet Sockets. This addresses socket programming techniques specifically for Linux, Unix, and BSD machines as well as some information for Windows users.
The database link here has a wealth of information if you are a new user to database management. Specifically you want to have a look at the six part series on Database programming. These tutorials serve the purpose of database programming primers for web development. The first tutorial, for example, will illustrate the basic structure of a relational database. Use the entire series to help you with your database issues. Another must see on this site is the flat files page. Here you will find tutorials that explain the need for using flat files for storage purposes as well as a series of tutorials on how to use them.
If you are a web developer trying to save some money, this free site is one you should have a look at for its wealth of invaluable resources.

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