Thursday, May 03, 2007

Messenger Plus! Live Official Sound Pack Database

Searching for some soundpacks? Search no more. Drop in to the Messenger Plus Live Official Sound Pack Database and you will be able to find just about any soundpack you are looking for. This site is one of the most comprehensive sites yet with a selection of over 1300 soundpacks available for immediate download. In case you are wondering just how comprehensive this site is, some of the newest soundpacks added to the site include: mixed cartoons, Unreal Tournament, SoundFantomas—Scrubs & TV, zockerjimmy’s pack, Mozinor, and De Lo Mejor just to name a few. A list of the most commonly downloaded soundpacks include The Simpsons, Les Visiteurs, South Park, Brice de Nice (V2), Animals, 50 Cent, and many more.

But wait! This is not just a place to go and download any of the 1300+ soundpacks. Stop into the forum where you can interact with over 27,000 members and read testimonials on soundpack downloads, get site news, read or provide suggestions to improve the site, or just general chit chat on soundpacks. The site network also includes some mspscripts for you and mpsounds. Overall on the site there are over 40,000 sounds in the compilation of 1300 soundpacks. If you are a soundpack junkie, you are going to love this site. And if you are just looking for a few additions to your website, there is sure to be something here for everyone.

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