Wednesday, May 09, 2007


If you are running a website, or simply enjoy messing around with electronic graphics, then LunaPic is going to be a lot of fun for you. Now you finally have a free place where you can play with all of your personal photos stored on your computer and do whatever you want with them.
Stop in here and use the cosmetic surgery tool to do whatever you want with your photos. If you have a MySpace account and want to spice up some of your existing photos, this section will be a lot of fun. You can add animated or text borders, enlarge or decrease, or add a variety of decorations to your current photos. Download some clip art and spice up the pictures, or add some animated effects such as snow, sparkles, hearts, rain, lightning, bubbles, and so much more.
The site is completely free and comes with free help in the site forum. You can also use the form to show off your work! If you want to try out on some samples before you play with your real digital pics, check out this link and get some practice before you go for the real deal. So get out those files, and start having fun!

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