Tuesday, May 08, 2007

The Fantasy Football Forum

If you are a UK soccer fan, you need to have a look at the fantasy football forum which is a forum dedicated to discussing fantasy football in the UK. Not only will your football addiction be fed at this site, but you can indulge your sports dependence on other sports and non sporting forums.

This site also has a cool interactive game called the "Keepy Uppy Game." The object of this game is to keep the ball bouncing in the air for as long as possible. In order to do this, you need to click the ball repeatedly and try and “keepy uppy” the ball for as long as you can. Do it long enough and you will find yourself on the scoreboard on the opening page.

Before you jump right in and meet other football fans, take a minute to read the Posting Guides where you will find forum standards of Terms and Conditions of being a member and how not to tick anyone off while you are there. It would be poor form to do otherwise. Once you are finished there, register at the football fantasy forums, and then hop right into the forums! What are you waiting for? Keepy Uppy!

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