Thursday, May 03, 2007

Adam Dempsey’s Blog

Take a minute to pop in and say hello to Adam Dempsey at his blog, he will be happy to see you. Adam is a 20 year old self-proclaimed geek from the UK who has started up this blog as a personal rambling of sorts on his various endeavors in life and online work. He admits in the about me section he should proclaim something deep and prophetic about what you are about to experience on the site, but entices you by stating how boring his personal ramblings are actually going to be. I just love it when someone says they are boring, it makes me want to look further and prove them wrong. In this case I had the opportunity to do just so.

Adams ramblings cover everything from horse betting to pub nights in his personal life, and projects and interweb to his online life. On the projects category you can see just how dedicated he is to his websites, and he has quite a few. You will be able to find some page rank updates and some of his thoughts on how to improve his AdSense revenue. This is good, because it is always good to hear how other people are meeting their success. Adam even offers a game of the week review on his website where you can see any of the games he has sampled from texas hold 'em to crazy maze games. He advertises his list of websites as well as his Mates list, which is the UK term for Buddies if you are not up on your true English lingo. Take a few minutes, pop in and say hello.

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