Thursday, May 17, 2007

Keno in US

By 1963, the United States government decided to tax the proceeds of horse track racing, including revenue earned from Keno Horse Racing. At this point the casinos in Nevada dropped the Horse Race part of the game’s name and just called it keno. Until 1989, nobody was allowed to win more than $50,000 playing keno in Nevada but since then the amount of the jackpots have zoomed sky high.

Since then keno has also become a popular game on the Internet. Lottery versions of keno are also very common around the world. These lottery style games are also used by governments to raise money for all kinds of civic, military and charitable purposes. These games are offered daily or weekly and the winning numbers are usually published in the newspaper or announced on the radio and television.

Wednesday, May 09, 2007


If you are looking for free programming stuff, check out the programming link at Free Stuff. Here you will find free tutorials on programming as well as "how to" build programs. If you are looking for detailed programming information, you can find it here. Included are most systems, how to nuts and bolts, as well as a range of very useful free programming languages. Another tutorial you can have a look at is one on network programming using Internet Sockets. This addresses socket programming techniques specifically for Linux, Unix, and BSD machines as well as some information for Windows users.
The database link here has a wealth of information if you are a new user to database management. Specifically you want to have a look at the six part series on Database programming. These tutorials serve the purpose of database programming primers for web development. The first tutorial, for example, will illustrate the basic structure of a relational database. Use the entire series to help you with your database issues. Another must see on this site is the flat files page. Here you will find tutorials that explain the need for using flat files for storage purposes as well as a series of tutorials on how to use them.
If you are a web developer trying to save some money, this free site is one you should have a look at for its wealth of invaluable resources.


If you are running a website, or simply enjoy messing around with electronic graphics, then LunaPic is going to be a lot of fun for you. Now you finally have a free place where you can play with all of your personal photos stored on your computer and do whatever you want with them.
Stop in here and use the cosmetic surgery tool to do whatever you want with your photos. If you have a MySpace account and want to spice up some of your existing photos, this section will be a lot of fun. You can add animated or text borders, enlarge or decrease, or add a variety of decorations to your current photos. Download some clip art and spice up the pictures, or add some animated effects such as snow, sparkles, hearts, rain, lightning, bubbles, and so much more.
The site is completely free and comes with free help in the site forum. You can also use the form to show off your work! If you want to try out on some samples before you play with your real digital pics, check out this link and get some practice before you go for the real deal. So get out those files, and start having fun!

Tuesday, May 08, 2007

Greenville SC Real Estate

If you are new to the Greenville, South Carolina area, chances are you are looking for a place to live. If so, you want to check out the Greenville SC Real Estate site touted as , Greenville South Carolina’s leading real estate site. It won’t take long once you are there to see why. This site has anything and everything you want to know about Greenville. Not only will it assist you in finding a place to live, but you will also have the opportunity to get to know your new hometown just a little bit better. Feel at home in Greenville before you even unpack!

When you open the page, you will be able to immediately search over 5000 of Greenville’s properties. Take a minute as well to learn all about Greenville, from its shopping, economy, golf, and so much more. If you are a serious buyer, check out the Buy a Home Link. Here you will be able to request more information, get some buyer’s tips, and browse new property listings. Take a few minutes then to discover Greenville your new hometown at where you will find everything from where to shop and where to stay in Greenville while you are finding a place to call your own. If you are looking for news on your new hometown, check out the site’s ongoing Greenville blog to find out everything you need to know from an insiders perspective on how to buy a home in Greenville. This Greenville website will welcome you with open arms and provide you with detailed and succinct information leaving you to wonder why you didn’t move to this charming town much earlier.

The Fantasy Football Forum

If you are a UK soccer fan, you need to have a look at the fantasy football forum which is a forum dedicated to discussing fantasy football in the UK. Not only will your football addiction be fed at this site, but you can indulge your sports dependence on other sports and non sporting forums.

This site also has a cool interactive game called the "Keepy Uppy Game." The object of this game is to keep the ball bouncing in the air for as long as possible. In order to do this, you need to click the ball repeatedly and try and “keepy uppy” the ball for as long as you can. Do it long enough and you will find yourself on the scoreboard on the opening page.

Before you jump right in and meet other football fans, take a minute to read the Posting Guides where you will find forum standards of Terms and Conditions of being a member and how not to tick anyone off while you are there. It would be poor form to do otherwise. Once you are finished there, register at the football fantasy forums, and then hop right into the forums! What are you waiting for? Keepy Uppy!

Saturday, May 05, 2007

Travel Avignon

Have you been thinking about a trip to France? If not, come and take a short-term visit to By the time you are through there, you will be considering flight arrangements. This very well designed blog is designed to entice you and excite you and get you to the South of France, particularly, Avignon. Included on the site is a collection of comprehensive links that will keep you busy when you are in Avignon. Check out what accommodations are available, what activities there are to do and what the popular destinations in Avignon are. From French Festivals to the Cathedrale Notre-Dame, this site ensures that any visit you have to France (either imaginary or the real thing) is comprehensive and enjoyed.

You will find here, not just tourism information but a detailed history of the History of Avignon as well as detailed news listings on what is new in Avignon. Also discover why tourism is so popular in Avignon. You only need to look at the breathtaking photographs and art work displayed on this site makes Avignon such a popular tourist destination. So if you have not decided where to go on your next vacation, pop in here. You will definitely be leaning towards a cross-Atlantic trip by the time you are through.

Official Ares

Do you like to download music? Well who doesn’t. With so many software programs out there, as well as the threat of copyright issues, it is hard to choose the right one for your file sharing and free downloads. Take a minute to look at the program Ares, a program that promises to make file sharing easy. What is Ares? Essentially it is a peer-to-peer file sharing program for Windows offering more features than you will find in other peer-to-peer programs. You can search for any types of media files – audio, video, games, software, pictures, and more. You can also preview audio and video files during the download process. Currently it is being as the cleanest and most dependable file sharing network around. No more downloads of fake files.

At you will have access to all versions of Ares, both lite and Ultra depending on your connection and computer speed. Download whatever version you want for free right here and you can even find older versions of the Ares Galaxy right on site as well. If you have question or need some technical support, this site easily directs you to and FAQ link and technical support. This site also has a very comprehensive safe file-sharing link. In fact, this site is so comprehensive, there is nothing left out if you are considering trying Ares. Stop in and download today, it’s FREE.

Thursday, May 03, 2007

Adam Dempsey’s Blog

Take a minute to pop in and say hello to Adam Dempsey at his blog, he will be happy to see you. Adam is a 20 year old self-proclaimed geek from the UK who has started up this blog as a personal rambling of sorts on his various endeavors in life and online work. He admits in the about me section he should proclaim something deep and prophetic about what you are about to experience on the site, but entices you by stating how boring his personal ramblings are actually going to be. I just love it when someone says they are boring, it makes me want to look further and prove them wrong. In this case I had the opportunity to do just so.

Adams ramblings cover everything from horse betting to pub nights in his personal life, and projects and interweb to his online life. On the projects category you can see just how dedicated he is to his websites, and he has quite a few. You will be able to find some page rank updates and some of his thoughts on how to improve his AdSense revenue. This is good, because it is always good to hear how other people are meeting their success. Adam even offers a game of the week review on his website where you can see any of the games he has sampled from texas hold 'em to crazy maze games. He advertises his list of websites as well as his Mates list, which is the UK term for Buddies if you are not up on your true English lingo. Take a few minutes, pop in and say hello.

Messenger Plus! Live Official Sound Pack Database

Searching for some soundpacks? Search no more. Drop in to the Messenger Plus Live Official Sound Pack Database and you will be able to find just about any soundpack you are looking for. This site is one of the most comprehensive sites yet with a selection of over 1300 soundpacks available for immediate download. In case you are wondering just how comprehensive this site is, some of the newest soundpacks added to the site include: mixed cartoons, Unreal Tournament, SoundFantomas—Scrubs & TV, zockerjimmy’s pack, Mozinor, and De Lo Mejor just to name a few. A list of the most commonly downloaded soundpacks include The Simpsons, Les Visiteurs, South Park, Brice de Nice (V2), Animals, 50 Cent, and many more.

But wait! This is not just a place to go and download any of the 1300+ soundpacks. Stop into the forum where you can interact with over 27,000 members and read testimonials on soundpack downloads, get site news, read or provide suggestions to improve the site, or just general chit chat on soundpacks. The site network also includes some mspscripts for you and mpsounds. Overall on the site there are over 40,000 sounds in the compilation of 1300 soundpacks. If you are a soundpack junkie, you are going to love this site. And if you are just looking for a few additions to your website, there is sure to be something here for everyone.

Torn Buttons : Photography Blog

If you enjoy taking pictures, take a look at Torn Buttons. This is a must stop shop for all photography buffs or anyone that likes to use a digital camera. This site is self-described by its owner as “the El-dorado for all photography lovers” and it is easy to see why. The blog is dedicated to photographers of the digital kind and has a wealth of information on here for either the amateur click and shooter, or the photography buff that wants to make a living behind the scenes. You will find information here on how to take that perfect shot, tips on lighting, differences between single lens reflux and digital single lens reflux, and anything else that you ever wanted to know about digital photography made easy.

This site is very easy to navigate and is aesthetically pleasing. Each post comes with an appropriate picture so that you know what the author is referring to. The pictures themselves draw your eye to the page and to the corresponding text to give you comfort in knowing the writer knows what they are talking about. The tips are user friendly and easy to follow, even if you don’t initially understand the terms.

If you have ever wondered how fashion photographers got that perfect shot, you will find out here fashion photography. If you were considering how to make an art out of digital photography, then look here. If you have questions about digital photography for your upcoming wedding, or are wondering about printing and photo editing your digital pictures, you will get the answers at Torn Buttons. There is not a question on the use of digital photography that will go unanswered on this site.

Having bad credit is a sure-fire way to move away from great living standards

Having bad credit is a sure-fire way to move away from the success and the great living standards that you have always dreamed of. But having bad credit in this day and age is not such a devastating thing. Why? Well, it is because credit providers, in their search for more customers, have identified yet another group -- people with bad credit.

So now, you need not sit and wonder how you will get back on the right track. There are all kinds of bad credit loans that can come to your rescue. Bad credit loans are perhaps one of the newest entrants into the loans business, and they are making life a whole lot easier for those who have been saddled with the tag of bad credit.

So if you are experiencing bad debt, you could consider taking up some bad credit loans to get you out of this rut and on to a better and more promising future.