Tuesday, April 17, 2007

Spoilt for Choice

Golf gifts constitute a large variety of golf equipment and related merchandize to choose from. If you decide to gift something unique and different; here are few ideas to consider. A putting machine. This would prove to be an ideal gift if you want your golfer friend to improve at putting. The putting machine acts as a hole and if you're accurate enough to get your ball in the hole, it sends it back for you to putt again. The more refined version of this machine uses mirrors to help improve your stroke. Next could be a marker for where the ball ended up. These could be of silver, copper or even brass. The markers can also be personalized engraved with initials to make the gift all the more special. At times golfers end up losing their golf balls or worse still, confuse their golf balls for their companions. A nice special marker pen can help the golfer identify and distinguish their respective golf balls. These are usually inexpensive and come in very useful for the golfer. Alternatively a special monogramming machine could be a good idea as well. For the techno savvy golfer, a computerized scoreboard would definitely be a winner. These lightweight devices come equipped with an LCD display and can be firmly attached to the golfer's belt and save him from carrying the usual scorecard and pen. A cordless cleaner with different cleaning and polishing heads would make a perfect gift if the local golf course remains a bit muddy and wet. In case your golfing friend is a toper or drinker, a hip flask would be a thoughtful gift. A bottle opener with a golf ball as the handle would also be a nice idea. Everyday items such as fancy mugs, plates, towels, napkins etc. come with golfing pictures or mottos. Just know the personal preferences of your golfing friend, and you will land up on the right golf gift item.

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