Friday, April 27, 2007

Review of the LG Shine Mobile Phone

The LG Shine is revered as the sequel to the popular LG Chocolate. It is an ultra sleek mobile phone that doesn't use the newest technologies but still packs a punch for the average or even above average user.

On first impression you will notice the stainless steel design. The LG Shine is lightweight and durable, not to mention shiny and complemented with a brushed metal surface. There are, however, improvements from the LG Chocolate. First, the camera phone is worth using with a full 2 mega-pixels worth of power. Secondly, there is an expanded memory slot included, which lets you expand your memory to a total of 2 Gigabytes worth of data.

A rather common complaint to the phone is the lack of navigation efficiency. Buttons on the phone seem to be less touch sensitive, and many users of the phone claim it is a major downfall. Button layout could use some improvement too, say some customers.

The camera comes loaded with Bluetooth technology, which is becoming an industry standard these days. However, this is as good as the Shine (also known as the LG KE970 by the way) gets as far as new technologies go, no FM radio, digital zoom, flash for camera, or Wi-Fi. The lack of these features make the phone much cheaper, however, than its more expensive counterparts and there are some great mobile phone deals available on the LG Shine.

As far as any other complaints go, the basic memory card given could be a little more generous, at a mere 70 Megabytes. However, it is important to not get too picky, as you can a fortune on a mobile phone and ultimately they all can make voice calls and send text messages! If you are the type who wants a fashionable phone, good features, and a great price then this phone is most likely for you.

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