Friday, April 20, 2007


The temperatures are climbing and the sun is beginning to make regular appearances and is being much more generous with its visits as well. When the weather warms up and the days creep closer to summer months, cocktails and outdoor living are the first thing on everyone’s mind.

This summer, put away last year’s cosmopolitan recipes and try out some drink recipes for the mojito. The mojito is THE mixed drink of 2007. A little bit of rum, club soda, spearmint and some lime is what makes this drink recipe the must have for your outdoor life. Toss it all in your shaker and serve it in a tall glass. A stick of sugar cane adds an elegant touch.

This summer, mixed drinks and drink recipes are all about Latino flair. Play around a little bit with some wine splashes in your cocktail mixer, and don’t be afraid to add some spice. Drinks with spice and everything nice, that’s what summer cocktails are made of.

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