Tuesday, February 13, 2007

Propolis, A Blessing For Poor Russian Folks.

I had just finished reading a book on Natural Remedies and something caught my attention.In Russia, the peasants were said to be so poor, they had to eat the scrapings from beehives. Because they need every single cents from their honey, none are left for their family. But that was a blessing in disguise. Scrap from the hives is almost pure pollen and propolis. Two things that are believed to be even healthier than honey.And the funny thing is that, propolis are so valued in the old time it was only reserved for kings or rulers of a kingdom.It's only now that people are talking about it and starting to believe that propolis has some health benefits.A word of caution though! Make sure you know the side effects of propolis before taking it as supplements. It's not for everyone,okay?

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