Tuesday, January 23, 2007

Wireless Broadband – the things you should know

Cheap wireless broadband Internet has made life so much easier for laptop users, whether at home or away from home. Once you have gotten used to a wireless connection, you might not want to use wires ever again! But are there any problems with wireless connections?

With the image and file sharing websites growing in popularity more and more, it is hard to live with a dial-up Internet connection. Even if you live in an isolated or remote area, there are ways of getting cheap broadband ISP. You can get broadband via satellite and many mobile companies offer facilities for you to connect via your mobile phone.

As with anything these days, the prices of wireless broadband modems are dropping and you can usually find a decent router for under £50 in most shops. Some cheap broadband deals will come with a free modem when signing up to a contract.

The main problem you can encounter with a wireless connection compared to a wired broadband network is security. You will need to make sure your connection is encrypted to stop other people using your connection. The encrypting is not as hard to do as it sounds, and most routers and ISP modems come with instructions of how to do it. If you require any assistance, your broadband internet provider will be able to help you. And guide you through the process.

One of the common mistakes people do when they go wireless is to buy the cheapest available equipment, without doing any research. It is always worth reading broadband internet consumer reviews on wireless equipment before parting with your money. Remember, a reliable connection is more important than saving a few pennies on equipment.

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