Saturday, January 06, 2007

Mobile Video Upload – Bandwidth and other issues

Worried that a lower bandwidth Internet connection couldn’t keep up with the video format you are uploading? An AVI format might be indeed too demanding for the speed of such a connection, but a reliable upload video site will also “cooperate with” a RealVideo format and with a QuickTime format, and, as a matter of fact, with other types of video format (MPEG and Shockwave included). However, keep in mind that a lower bandwidth Internet connection will result in the poorer quality of the film streamed over the Internet. With a broadband/high-speed connection there will no need of similar worries. In this case, all that you care about is that the upload video site is adequate for uploading the type of video format specific to your mobile phone or video camera.

Moreover, there are possibilities of converting mobile phone video formats (such as 3GP) into AVI or MPEG formats, so you don’t need to tantalize yourself over the manner in which you should deal with a mobile video upload. There are generous resources of software able to operate such a conversion; the only thing you should be concerned about is that such software should be, at the same time, freeware and free of spyware. With several reviews on different types of software you can be certain you are doing the right thing. In the end, a mobile video upload does not require the skill of a scientist; it can be done, practically, by anybody who has ever dealt with mobile phones and with the Internet. And remember that such an upload video site remains a reliable tool, a stable bridge between different countries, or different continents for that matter; it is the channel that builds a connection between people in Canada on one side, for instance, and people in India, on the other side, crossing by means of an Internet stream over the continent of Europe and bringing remote locations closer.

A reliable upload video site like is the bridge you needed to cross in order to reach, from wherever you are, the family and friends you have left back home. A mobile video upload or an upload from any video camera is thus turned into special moments of togetherness overcoming distance. Read more about Hotclips here in this blog.

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