Wednesday, November 07, 2007

The need for web hosting

Hosting services are a necessity for all web hosting services, blog hosting, budget hosting, Linux hosting, etc. Given that almost anyone who has business on the internet, needs webhosting services and so many people are reliant on such services it is vital to distinguish accurately, which company can specifically meet each of our individual web host needs.

As such, you need to study exactly what each reputed web hosting company offers.At web hosting choice you can rely on first hand information regarding web hosting you can find and much more. The listings here are compiled based on web hosting package best value/price. The compilations are related to details regarding consistency, uptime, major features, bonus features and customer support. Here you can either surf through if your needs are basic or search advanced categories in case you have very specific web hosting needs. The process is quick and this user friendly site enables you to know everything that's important in the web hosting trade.

Thursday, October 18, 2007

Get Rid of 'em Apartment / Roommate Hunting Woes

They say that death and taxes are one of the greatest worries that anyone ever has to face. I think that is correct, but we must add two more worries to the list: finding roommates and finding apartments to live in. I am sure you agree. If you don’t agree, it only means that you have not been in a position that required getting a roommate soon.

So, you can imagine my joy when I came across the end to all roommate and apartment search woes. I came across It is clearly the ultimate site for roommate hunting as well as apartment hunting all rolled into one.

If you are looking for apartments or roommates in US, UK, or Canadian cities, will help you locate the right match for you. For instance, I looked up the listings for Salt Lake City, Utah and could find the listings based on my criteria: I could find roommates by gender, age group, or even zodiac sign.

Anyone who has been sharing an apartment knows how crucial and frustrating it can be to try and gel with your roommate. Hence the search feature based on criteria of your choice is a true god send.

Saturday, October 06, 2007

Credit card providers tend to steer clear of you?

It is a pity to get stuck with a history of bad credit. This makes it difficult to get loans later on. Credit card providers tend to steer clear of you. Getting back on track after something like a bankruptcy can be quite an ordeal. Ideally, you should not have defaulted on payments in the first place. But sometimes, circumstances do not leave you with any choice. However, you should not lose all hope. There are ways in which you can repair your credit history.

Bad credit credit cards can be availed of by people who need to improve their credit scores. Now, bad credit credit cards tend to charge higher rates of interest. However, a little scouting around should help you find low interest credit cards even in this category. While you are on the lookout, you could look around for deals like cash back credit cards that are available to people who have poor credit scores.

Running a business is no easy task

Running a business is no easy task. A businessman has to be aware of not only the bigger deals and contracts but also of the more niggling details. Salaries have to be paid. Electricity and phone bills have to be taken care of. As a result, it is not too difficult to fall into the red. Sometimes, business owners are compelled to take on the additional burden of secured or Unsecured Business Loans because some bills have to be paid off immediately.

A Business Cash Advance is usually a good way to get out of the red for a short period. This can be secured from banks or from other financial institutions. These days, getting a loan, whether for personal or business reasons, is fairly easy. In fact, even Bad Credit Business Loans are easily available nowadays. Thus, people who are involved in the world of business need no longer worry about how they are going to pay off their bills.

Thursday, October 04, 2007

Carrie Underwood of Americal Idol

What was life like when we did not have all these crooning celebrities in the making on TV? It almost seems like there was no life before American Idol!

What I find interesting is that in academic circles, I find a lot of people who claim that shows such as the American Idol are silly. Of course, this does not stop them from watching the show regularly. Heh heh. I guess hypocrisy is all around us.

I for one am a big fan of American Idol and other such shows. One contestant that has caught my eye is Carrie Underwood. Take a look at the Carrie Underwood Bio. This is clearly a girl with a future. She has been singing since a young age -- reminds me of Charlotte Church, actually. When you hear her sing, it is clear that she is singing with all her heart. And to think that despite initial singing success, Carrie Underwood almost gave up her singing career. Then along came American Idol and put her all over the map. Today, you can actually buy one of her singles and make it your ringtone. As they say, "You've come a long way baby.,"

So my recommendation is that you vote for Carrie Underwood. You, of course, are welcome to your own choices.

In any case, make sure to keep watching the show that has made inroads not just into the American home, but into the American heart.

Tuesday, October 02, 2007

There Is Nothing Quite Like Working From Home

What could be more fun that not having to go to work? Well, I am not advocating that you do not earn money. Instead, I am talking about the magic of working from home. Would you not like to do that?

For many years, I have been a work from home person. I do have 3 offices where my employees work from. But personally I think that there are few blessings as good as the opportunity to work at home.

If you are looking for a home business opportunity, then I know just the site that you need to visit. This site is run by a friend of mine, and has great info on current income making opportunities.

And since you will be working from home, you will need a community that can help you out and provide you with support when needed. Luckily this site comes with a work at home forums for allowing you the opportunity to interact with others such as yourself.

Sunday, September 30, 2007

Ladder Wiki - The Wiki for Relationship Advice

Just when you thought that you had visited every type of website there is, along comes yet another great resource. It leaves you wondering, "Why did no one think of this before?"

Recently I came across one such site,

This site is like the popular wikipedia site. But, unlike the wikipedia, this site is not about any and every thing. Instead it focuses on relationship and dating advice. The collective wisdom of the masses of Internet surfers goes into creating some top notch reading material.

So, if you are looking for relationship advice or dating advice, you now know where to head. Since the wiki is authored by people like you and me, you can be assured that the advice is real world advice from real world people.

In case you are wondering where the "Ladder" came from in the site name, well, it is because the site is inspired by Ladder Theory. This theory is about how men and women analyze each other in their first meeting.

A must visit. You will enjoy it.

Friday, September 28, 2007

A Credit Card Is a Credit Card Is a Credit Card

The power of plastic money is formidable. Just wave around those little pieces of plastic and enjoy the best that life has to offer.

But the above advertising like paragraph misses the point that you have to eventually pay up. That is where you need to be smart and responsible when it comes to using a credit card.

Whenever you hear someone talk about responsible credit card behavior, you find that they are usually talking about the evils of over-spending or they are advising you to repay the credit card bill in full.

But I think that credit card responsibility actually starts much before all that. I hope it does not sound radical when I suggest that the first step to mature credit card holder behavior is to get the right credit card. That is why I looked up a site:

On this and other such sites you will find some amazing deals on credit cards. For instance when I last visited, I noticed they had a credit card deal at 11.9% APR, but it had absolutely no interest if the outstanding was paid within 59 days. But these deals keep changing. Why not visit and check it out yourself? ~Details accurate at date of publishing. Post Sponsored by Co-operative Bank.

Sit at Home -- Study With the World

If you are really keen on the long term success of your career, you need to have great education. I know that almost sounds cliched, but what can I do, it is the truth.

When I look back at my career thus far, if I did not have an undergrad degree in computer engineering, and if I had not completed by MBA degree at a top-20 US business school, I would certainly not have managed to reach where I have actually reached.

At my time, you had to go to a university, and I mean physically transport yourself. That is because the only distance courses at that time were the correspondence courses where the postman would bring in the daily lesson! With the advent and proliferation of the Internet, today you can go to an online educational destination such as the Everest College Online and get yourself a decent education.

Continuing the example of the Everest College Online, despite being online it has all the flavors of a full-fledged offline university. There is the placement cell; there are excellent faculty members, and more.

Do yourself a big favor and get the best education you can get yourself. It is probably cliched, but education is indeed the best investment out there.

The Bed Is the Home Within the Home

When you need to be comforted you head home. Home is indeed where the heart is. But within your own home you find the greatest comfort when you are in bed. This is the place you rest, relax, and rejuvenate yourself after a long night's sleep. Of course some of us bloggers never get to sleep at all, but that is a different matter.

What makes a bed special? I think that in addition to being of the correct size, the sheets and linen used on the beds are pretty important. That and the quality of the mattress define how comfortable you are going to be in bed.

In my quest to bring you; my valuable readers; the best sites on the whole World Wide Web, I have recently discovered a site a great variety of bedroom fabrics. I especially liked their duvet covers. I would certainly like to have some of them on my bed. How about you?

Naturally, it is not just about sheets. The Bedroom requires exquisite curtains, and those curtains require tassels, and all of this will be available to you at
Like all the other sites that I have recommended in the past, make sure that you visit this one too.

When it Comes to Savings, Be Smart

I do not know about you, but I have really worked hard for my money. I got a good college degree, worked all through my graduate degree and paid for it while I was undergoing it.

Probably it is this background that has taught me the value of money and as a consequence of savings. Whenever I am in the market to buy anything, I invariably look out for deals and bargains. I am not a penny-pincher, I think. But, if a seller is offering an inexpensive product, I like to not be the one who ends up paying more.

With this approach, you can understand my delight when I came across an interesting website that caters to people interested in saving. I am talking about

On this site, you can get free samples and printable coupons. As if that was not enough I was delighted to find that one could also get free product samples. Certainly a bargain hunter's delight, don't you think?

Next time you are looking for free stuff or bargains in cosmetics, food, scents and perfume, baby related stuff, and a lot more, you know where you should go first. That's right visit today. Right Away!

Thursday, September 27, 2007

The Content Management System for Smart Enterprises

Anyone who is someone has visited websites. But what does it really take to get a professional website put up there on the World Wide Web?

Does it take an advanced degree in computer engineering? Does it require extreme programming skills and graphics abilities? Well it might require all that and more, but it primarily requires you to know what you want.

If you are an organization who wants to have a fully functional website you have three choices: (i) you go out there and get an army of employees each specializing in an area of expertise (ii) hire a company that specializes in website development and pay them a lot (iii) get a development content management platform that is intuitive and takes all the technology out of web development. And by that I mean that a non-specialist can develop a fully functional (I would even say multi-functional) website.

One such development platform that I much fancy is the Epazz BoxesOS. Get ready to make a smooth entry in to the world of websites with this fantastic application. Of course you need to fully understand what you are getting. So, first visit their site and see all the great features they have. Then sign up for a no obligation 30 days free trial. Surely there is nothing to lose and everything to gain.

Don't Do Drugs

It is really sad to see that so many fruitful lives, full of so much potential, get wasted to drugs. High profile cases of celebrities going into rehab have become so commonplace that one starts feeling that drugs are a lifestyle item.
Nothing could farther from the truth. Drugs do you no good. They are only a momentary relief for the weak mind. And if you got into them to "belong" to a group then the group does not deserve you in the first place. I would steer clear of such company.
Luckily there are these destinations called drug rehabilitation treatment centers where one has a hope of getting back on one's feet. But one must keep in mind that "curing" drug addiction is not like curing a fever. It is not only about medicine and care and counseling. Unless the person wants to "cure" themselves their life will not improve.
I looked around the web for such drug treatment destinations and found one that I like. It is the Narconon Stone Hawk Addiction Treatment. While you are on their website, make sure to read their informative articles on:
But always remember centers such as these are only there to help. What you make of your life is up to you.

Luckily There IS Someone to Help

In my previous post, I talked about the evils of drug addiction and introduced you to one of the reputed drub habilitation centers. But what do you do if you are in a location where access to such centers seems limited?

Actually it is not too difficult. You just need to take the initiative to access a drug addiction referral service. If you or a loved one needs a caring environment that will help them with long term addiction treatment, make sure to follow these links that I am including in this blog post.

Few of the factors that impressed me about this referral service for inpatient drug treatment is that they are not-for-profit. This is comforting to my cynical mind. After all they do not stand to gain from referring you to the right destination. As many know the choice to get rehabilitated is based on character and motivation. And motivation can strike at any point of time. That is why I like the fact that this service is 24 x 7. And if the fact that they are not for profit was not enough to please you, it is encouraging to note that they never charge a fee to give you a referral.

Regardless of whether the addiction is to alcohol or narcotics, there is good chance that you can be rehabilitated if you want to. But the important thing is not just to be rehabilitated. It is also about preventing a relapse. This is where one's entire life is a journey to cure. And I do not mean that in the sense of it being a dreary journey. Instead, it is about enjoying every single day that you remain clean.

You have the power to change your life for the better. And there are services such as 1800NoDrugs to help you. Now it is up to you. You have to decide what you make of your life.

Wednesday, September 26, 2007

Freelance Writing

On the Internet, every body is a writer. Interestingly, in the pre-browser pre-HTML era, many of us almost never wrote. All communication took place in person or over the phone. But along came email and we all started "writing." But if your writing is much more than the struggle to string together sentences, you must read my friend Jenn Mattern's site on freelance writing.

Actually it is much more than a site on freelance writing. It is about all kinds of writing. What makes this all the more fun is that Jenn has specific ideas and does not beat around the bush. I guess that is what blogosphere 2.0 is all about. Ok Ok, in the 2.0 era, I wanted to make my own jargon, there is no such thing as blogosphere 2.0.

On Jenn's site, you can also look up freelance writing jobs on a regular basis. She pre-qualifies assignments so that you do not have to. And if you are ever stuck and could use a helpful word of advice, rush to the freelance writing forums.

Writing is serious business and writers like Jenn are pulling in a lot of moolah. You must visit her site to find out how she does it.

Tuesday, September 25, 2007

Fond Vacuum

Sometimes it pays to go back to one's roots. Go back to where one came from. Recently I got such an opportunity when a friend of mine told me about a website he has about Pressure Die Casting for Brass. Since I have note really been into engineering related stuff since my under graduate degree, this certainly got me curious. After all, the Internet seems all about articles and social networking and pictures and uploads and downloads, not to forget email.

So, I decided to have a look see and find out what this was all about. My curiosity was suitably rewarded by finding pages on Vacuum Valves and Vacuum Die Casting Equipments and Machines. If this is the kind of stuff you want to read about then I have just given you a great site to go to.

And remember it is not only about one kind of valve or valve assembly. For instance, it has article about valves and their assembly:
  • outside the die
  • on the die matrix
  • on the die matrix with the compensator inside the die-holder
I recommend that you visit the site.

Friday, September 21, 2007

I am Highly Interested in a Low Interest Credit Card

There are so many credit cards out there. Which one is right for you? They say that marriages are made in heaven and there is a soul-mate for everyone. Is that true about credit cards too?

Surely, I jest! But I have been looking for credit card deals for a long time and found that I run into a wall every time. That is why I was excited when I saw an introductory offer for credit cards that looks like it has some serious potential.

For one, it allows me to get credit cards that offer a low interest rate. I know what you are wondering: Why would one get a low interest credit card when one can get a 0% card? Well, the fact is that the 0% cards are largely a myth. So, get real and get a low interest credit card.

Naturally, credit cards are about convenience and financial power. But remember the movie SpiderMan which espoused universal wisdom when it said that "with great power comes great responsibility."

So get a credit card. I have made your work easy for you by showing you where to get good credit cards. But then behave responsibly too. And then the good times roll in, remember which blog gave you the right advice and come running back for more great sites.

Tuesday, September 18, 2007

If you need data about expiring / expired domain names...

Domain names are your website address. When you are typing, say, www dot something dot com, that "something" is your domain name.
But, now I am talking down to you. Surely you knew what a domain name is. But what you probably did not know was that each and every day, there are thousands of domain names expiring. Some of them were never used or developed, but others certainly were.
This gives rise to the opportunity that you could piggy-back on someone else's effort. And that the person has let the domain name expire should indicate that the person does not really mind you gaining the benefit.
For instance, you could hit the ground running with a domain name that is already listed in the Open Directory Project, or DMOZ for short.
Likewise, you could get domain names which have Page Rank (PR), backlinks in Yahoo and / or Google. Some expiring domain names could have nice positions in Alexa too.
But who is going to give you all that information. Simple! If you are looking for expired domains then you must visit It is the resource for expired domains and expiring domains. For instance, it could help you with all the parameters that I mentioned earlier in this post. Then again, you could set up email alerts. Well, let me not spoil your fun. Go ahead and sign up to get all the domain name goodies.

Saturday, September 01, 2007

Spells, Love Spells, Money spells!

In my search for interesting sites, here is one I found that is fascinating indeed. It is a site about spells, magical spells.

Spells that one can buy on the site include:
  • Bring Back Lover Spell
  • Break Them Up Spell
  • More Sex Spell
  • Lottery/Gambling Money Spell
  • Promotion Spell
So, it seems like people are either looking for a love spell or a money spell.

I do not know anyone who uses a spell, but I guess it is a matter of belief. Surely there must be people who would like to get all the help they can get. And they probably think that a spell will help them.

Wednesday, August 29, 2007

Vacation Homes and Orlando

What is it about an Orlando vacation homes that is so exciting to people all over the US, and all over the world I daresay?
Located in Orange County Florida, Orlando is has subtropical climate that is pleasing to people from all over the world. But that is not all there is to Orlando. When one is looking for an Orlando Florida vacation home, one is attracted to the arts and entertainment facilities there. One is also attracted to the various attractions that Orlando has to offer. For instance, Walt Disney World Resort, Universal Orlando Resort, and Sea World Orlando. To an extent one could say that if you are actually looking for Orlando vacation homes, you are actually looking for Disney vacation homes!
But there is much more to Orlando. There is Magic Kingdom, Epcot, Disney-MGM Studios, Disney's Animal Kingdom, Typhoon Lagoon, Blizzard Beach, and Downtown Disney.
Of course, when you are looking for vacation rentals, you want your experience to be pleasant. That will only be possible if the process is hassle-free and has no hidden costs. That is where some research before hand will be helpful.

Sunday, August 26, 2007

Home Schooling a Dyslexic

Choosing to home school your child can be a good dyslexia cure for a dedicated parent. It is unfortunate, but some public schools have a difficult time instructing their standard students, much less any students that require special accommodations. Boarding schools and private schools may also be too inconvenient, expensive, or impractical to be a realistic option. Under these circumstances, home schooling may be the best solution for their dyslexia. It won’t be a walk in the park though. Before you start you need to understand and comply with any state regulations regarding home schooling. You should also have a dyslexia symptoms test done to fully map out your child’s weaknesses so you can work around them. In order to effectively home school your child, you will also have to develop a good understanding of language, spelling, math, science, and literature. Finally, you will have to be ready to be both a parent and a teacher to your child, as you will need to be able to keep them on track if you expect them to learn. The benefits should be worth these problems though. You will be able to guarantee that they get the personal attention and the accommodations that they need. The widespread acceptance of home schooling will also allow you to join local groups of home schooled children to allow your child to get a good social experience too. Overall, it may be the best overall option for your situation.

Loans Can Make Life Easy

Thanks to the rise of the World Wide Web, securing loans has become as easy as pie. People are no longer afraid of looking for either secured loans or unsecured loans. These have become a way of life. Very few people these days have remained immune to the attraction of loans. They allow us to make the bigger investments of life. Not too many people would be traveling in cars if car loans were not available. Similarly, the great urge to buy property would have remained just an urge if people did not have access to mortgages.

The growth in the business of loans has made it easier for the middle-class individual to raise his/her standard of living. Saving up for years to buy a home or a car is no longer necessary. A single trip to the bank nearby or simply an Internet search can provide him/her with a great loan to help make that investment.

Insurance Is the Subject Matter of Soliciation :)

There certainly is immense competition in the loan and insurance markets today. The online world, especially, is full of loan and insurance providers of all kinds. If you want to compare car insurance of one company with that of another, all you have to do is check out the Internet. You should not have any problems as many finance websites actually offer you with comparisons of some of their best offers with packages from their competitors.

It is equally easy to compare mortgages and loans. If you are in doubt, just look up the Internet and you should not have any trouble in finding comparisons between various types and classes of loans, mortgages, and insurance policies.

Getting loans has certainly become easy. Finding them is easier. However, picking out the best loans from the not-so-good ones may be a bit of a challenge. However, the persistent loan seeker will certainly find a way out.

Windsor Palms Florida

Thoughts of Disney World give rise to images of all the Walt Disney cartoons we grew to love. Mickey Mouse and Snow White and Goofy all retain pride of place in our hearts. However, it is not always possible to keep a track of Disney news. That is why, every time we go to Orlando on a vacation, we try to book Orlando vacation homes that are near the theme park. There is always something new to see.

Recently I learnt that the Reunion Resort should be completed by next year. This would mean that Reunion Resort homes would soon be available to tourists. One of the best things about this resort has to be its proximity to the Disney theme park. Driving down from the resort Walt Disney World is said to be only ten minutes away. Moreover, Orlando itself is a great place for tourists, and the resort offers a number of courses for golfers and enthusiasts alike.

Sunday, August 19, 2007

Halloween Masks

Would you like to look as scary as the clown in the above screenshot? It is quite simple; get yourself one of the clown masks they sell at SPFX Masks. Or better yet, why not look more like your natural self with one of the zombie masks? Just kidding!
But seriously, if you need to play the part you need to be the part. It is not enough to just have a nose that can be squeezed. SPFX Masks has Hollywood quality masks that can make you the life of any party. Think of these as Halloween masks. You would quite likely be the life of any Halloween celebration if you had one of these masks on.
In addition to looking good, masks should also be wearable. A common mistake that a mask-buyer may make is to take the lowest priced best-looking thing on the shelf. Nothing wrong with that reasoning, except when it comes to poor quality, irritating, unwearable masks.
Want to know why I am giving a positive review to SPFX Masks? Well think about it, they made the first ever silicone mask. Surely you have to give them credit for that, and agree that they know what they are doing.

Saturday, August 04, 2007

Free Software Downloads

Every PC user needs a bunch of software to get their system going smoother. Additionally, you can surely use different software packages that will get your work done. Be it software for Audio & Multimedia, Business, Communications, your Desktop, or your Pocket PC.
Recently, I came across this great sit that offers free software downloads. With all the recent fuss about Apple's iPhone, I am excited to see that they have software that is a one click DVD to iPhone Converter. That will surely help all of us iPhone aspirants in getting entertainment into our hands at the earliest.
Those of us who continue to go the iPod way for palmtop entertainment will enjoy the software: fast DVDs to iPod converter.
And that is not all. If you can imagine it, this site probably has it. Make sure to visit for all your software needs. I certainly recommend it.

Discount Perfume

You do not have to be a metro sexual man to be interested in perfume. A pleasant body odor can be a turn on in any social situation. Of course, not just any perfume will do.

This is where things get tricky. On the one hand you can go in for exorbitantly priced designer perfumes. Or you can get the cheap fruity perfumes that seem cute on small kids but not on adults.

This is where a discount perfume merchant provides a solution. If you are in the market for women's perfume, make sure to visit my favorite perfume site:

But, then again, if you realize that perfume is not a matter to be taken lightly, you can begin by enlightening yourself on the various types of perfumes in the market. Oh! So, you think that you know all there is to know? Well, then why not try your hand at a perfume quiz?

Thursday, July 12, 2007

Wedding Rings

Weddings really are a wonderful time. That is truly a time when families come together to watch two people in love join together in matrimony.

Have you ever been closely involved in wedding preparations? If your answer is "Yes", you will be aware of all the drama and confusion that is part and parcel of the days leading up to D-day.

Perhaps, one of the most important and controversial jobs before a wedding is that of picking out wedding rings. You will probably have had a taste of that earlier when engagement rings were being picked out. It becomes a far more complicated job when it comes to the wedding and you are faced wit scores of exquisite wedding ring sets.

How do you pick out the ideal ring? Well, there is no tried and tested procedure that you can follow. You just have to go with your gut feeling and choose the ring that you think would look lovely on the person concerned.

Tuesday, July 03, 2007

CAT 2007

The Common Admission Test (commonly referred to as the CAT) is the exam that makes you eligible for admissions to the super-premium MBA institutes in India, most notable the IIMs – the Indian Institutes of Management. CAT 2007 will quite likely be conducted in November 2007.

An exam such as the CAT pretends to test students in their English, Math, and Logic skills. However, underlying these areas is a strong “reasoning” undertone. So, CAT 2007 is not looking for mathematicians or linguists. Instead the focus is on analysis and communication.

Students who focus solely on Verbal and Quantitative concepts often miss out on the intent of CAT. With the proliferation of inferior quality teaching at the ever-mushrooming MBA entrance exam coaching centres, even teachers often focus on “getting the right answer.” In reality success in CAT 2007 will depend on “getting the right answer in the right way.”

If you are sincere about your success in CAT 2007, do not get blindly swayed by the brand building advertising that MBA entrance exams are showering on you. Talk to the students. Find out which class gives you personal attention. Even if it hardly ever advertises, it might be the best option for you.

I recommend Peak Seekers for CAT 2007 coaching. Though the institute is new, the faculty members there have many years (in most cases over 10 years) of experience in coaching for CAT. In fact, Peak Seekers is probably the only institute where all teachers are MBAs themselves. As a result, they know that the CAT is looking for. Visit to get an idea of their professionalism. If you are appearing for CAT 2007, then you must join Peak Seekers.

Friday, June 29, 2007

Vitamins Vitamins Vitamins

Do you know about the benefits of Vitamin A? How about fat soluble vitamins? There is so much to know about vitamins, but most of us do not really take the time to find out about them until it gets too late and bad health strikes.

Vitamins play a major role in preventing disease, curing disease, and in restoring bodily functions. For instance, we could well be talking about hair growth vitamins. Or for that matter pregnancy vitamins.

On the site you will find a collection of articles on vitamins that will tell you all you need to know about vitamin A, B, C, D, K, manganese, calcium, zinc and a whole lot more. So, what are you waiting for. Go right ahead and visit this great site on alternative medicine and home remedies.

Monday, June 25, 2007

Georgia Drivers Ed

I bet you knew that different US states have slightly different driving requirements. But at the heart of all driving regulation is driver safety. If you are a resident of Georgia and are looking for Georgia drivers ed, look no further. The link I just gave you takes you to a site that provides you with a course that is state approved and also meets the guidelines of Joshua's law.
If you are a teen driver (or have a teen driver at home), Joshua's law is a bill, that changes your driving requirements in order to obtain a Class D driver's license. On Jan 1, 2007, State of Georgia Department of Driver Services enacted Joshua's law.
So, any driver's ed course you undertake now must be in conformity with Joshua's law. Especially if you are the parent of a teen driver, make sure that your child signs up for an up to date drivers ed course that lays emphasis on safety and responsibility.

Thursday, June 21, 2007

Flash Attach for Awesome Contact Forms

I have a bunch of websites. After a while making them look pretty is quite a chore and they all end up looking similar. But, I recently found that it does not have to be that way. A friend of mone runs this site which has all these snazzy contact forms that wil make any website look cutting edge. This Flash contact form site has affordable contact forms that are really a must buy for any website.
There was a point of time when Flash was not omnipresent. As a consequence, people would try to achieve a bunch of contact form tricks using javascript and dhtml. But, I really have not come across anyone who does not allow Flash anymore. So, it is time that you gave this site a look see. While you are there, make sure to visit their flash products and flash services pages. This will give you an idea about the depth of offering available at the website.
Just when we think that every website that could possibly be made has been made, along comes some one and makes something like and proves us wrong.

Thursday, May 17, 2007

Keno in US

By 1963, the United States government decided to tax the proceeds of horse track racing, including revenue earned from Keno Horse Racing. At this point the casinos in Nevada dropped the Horse Race part of the game’s name and just called it keno. Until 1989, nobody was allowed to win more than $50,000 playing keno in Nevada but since then the amount of the jackpots have zoomed sky high.

Since then keno has also become a popular game on the Internet. Lottery versions of keno are also very common around the world. These lottery style games are also used by governments to raise money for all kinds of civic, military and charitable purposes. These games are offered daily or weekly and the winning numbers are usually published in the newspaper or announced on the radio and television.

Wednesday, May 09, 2007


If you are looking for free programming stuff, check out the programming link at Free Stuff. Here you will find free tutorials on programming as well as "how to" build programs. If you are looking for detailed programming information, you can find it here. Included are most systems, how to nuts and bolts, as well as a range of very useful free programming languages. Another tutorial you can have a look at is one on network programming using Internet Sockets. This addresses socket programming techniques specifically for Linux, Unix, and BSD machines as well as some information for Windows users.
The database link here has a wealth of information if you are a new user to database management. Specifically you want to have a look at the six part series on Database programming. These tutorials serve the purpose of database programming primers for web development. The first tutorial, for example, will illustrate the basic structure of a relational database. Use the entire series to help you with your database issues. Another must see on this site is the flat files page. Here you will find tutorials that explain the need for using flat files for storage purposes as well as a series of tutorials on how to use them.
If you are a web developer trying to save some money, this free site is one you should have a look at for its wealth of invaluable resources.


If you are running a website, or simply enjoy messing around with electronic graphics, then LunaPic is going to be a lot of fun for you. Now you finally have a free place where you can play with all of your personal photos stored on your computer and do whatever you want with them.
Stop in here and use the cosmetic surgery tool to do whatever you want with your photos. If you have a MySpace account and want to spice up some of your existing photos, this section will be a lot of fun. You can add animated or text borders, enlarge or decrease, or add a variety of decorations to your current photos. Download some clip art and spice up the pictures, or add some animated effects such as snow, sparkles, hearts, rain, lightning, bubbles, and so much more.
The site is completely free and comes with free help in the site forum. You can also use the form to show off your work! If you want to try out on some samples before you play with your real digital pics, check out this link and get some practice before you go for the real deal. So get out those files, and start having fun!

Tuesday, May 08, 2007

Greenville SC Real Estate

If you are new to the Greenville, South Carolina area, chances are you are looking for a place to live. If so, you want to check out the Greenville SC Real Estate site touted as , Greenville South Carolina’s leading real estate site. It won’t take long once you are there to see why. This site has anything and everything you want to know about Greenville. Not only will it assist you in finding a place to live, but you will also have the opportunity to get to know your new hometown just a little bit better. Feel at home in Greenville before you even unpack!

When you open the page, you will be able to immediately search over 5000 of Greenville’s properties. Take a minute as well to learn all about Greenville, from its shopping, economy, golf, and so much more. If you are a serious buyer, check out the Buy a Home Link. Here you will be able to request more information, get some buyer’s tips, and browse new property listings. Take a few minutes then to discover Greenville your new hometown at where you will find everything from where to shop and where to stay in Greenville while you are finding a place to call your own. If you are looking for news on your new hometown, check out the site’s ongoing Greenville blog to find out everything you need to know from an insiders perspective on how to buy a home in Greenville. This Greenville website will welcome you with open arms and provide you with detailed and succinct information leaving you to wonder why you didn’t move to this charming town much earlier.

The Fantasy Football Forum

If you are a UK soccer fan, you need to have a look at the fantasy football forum which is a forum dedicated to discussing fantasy football in the UK. Not only will your football addiction be fed at this site, but you can indulge your sports dependence on other sports and non sporting forums.

This site also has a cool interactive game called the "Keepy Uppy Game." The object of this game is to keep the ball bouncing in the air for as long as possible. In order to do this, you need to click the ball repeatedly and try and “keepy uppy” the ball for as long as you can. Do it long enough and you will find yourself on the scoreboard on the opening page.

Before you jump right in and meet other football fans, take a minute to read the Posting Guides where you will find forum standards of Terms and Conditions of being a member and how not to tick anyone off while you are there. It would be poor form to do otherwise. Once you are finished there, register at the football fantasy forums, and then hop right into the forums! What are you waiting for? Keepy Uppy!

Saturday, May 05, 2007

Travel Avignon

Have you been thinking about a trip to France? If not, come and take a short-term visit to By the time you are through there, you will be considering flight arrangements. This very well designed blog is designed to entice you and excite you and get you to the South of France, particularly, Avignon. Included on the site is a collection of comprehensive links that will keep you busy when you are in Avignon. Check out what accommodations are available, what activities there are to do and what the popular destinations in Avignon are. From French Festivals to the Cathedrale Notre-Dame, this site ensures that any visit you have to France (either imaginary or the real thing) is comprehensive and enjoyed.

You will find here, not just tourism information but a detailed history of the History of Avignon as well as detailed news listings on what is new in Avignon. Also discover why tourism is so popular in Avignon. You only need to look at the breathtaking photographs and art work displayed on this site makes Avignon such a popular tourist destination. So if you have not decided where to go on your next vacation, pop in here. You will definitely be leaning towards a cross-Atlantic trip by the time you are through.

Official Ares

Do you like to download music? Well who doesn’t. With so many software programs out there, as well as the threat of copyright issues, it is hard to choose the right one for your file sharing and free downloads. Take a minute to look at the program Ares, a program that promises to make file sharing easy. What is Ares? Essentially it is a peer-to-peer file sharing program for Windows offering more features than you will find in other peer-to-peer programs. You can search for any types of media files – audio, video, games, software, pictures, and more. You can also preview audio and video files during the download process. Currently it is being as the cleanest and most dependable file sharing network around. No more downloads of fake files.

At you will have access to all versions of Ares, both lite and Ultra depending on your connection and computer speed. Download whatever version you want for free right here and you can even find older versions of the Ares Galaxy right on site as well. If you have question or need some technical support, this site easily directs you to and FAQ link and technical support. This site also has a very comprehensive safe file-sharing link. In fact, this site is so comprehensive, there is nothing left out if you are considering trying Ares. Stop in and download today, it’s FREE.

Thursday, May 03, 2007

Adam Dempsey’s Blog

Take a minute to pop in and say hello to Adam Dempsey at his blog, he will be happy to see you. Adam is a 20 year old self-proclaimed geek from the UK who has started up this blog as a personal rambling of sorts on his various endeavors in life and online work. He admits in the about me section he should proclaim something deep and prophetic about what you are about to experience on the site, but entices you by stating how boring his personal ramblings are actually going to be. I just love it when someone says they are boring, it makes me want to look further and prove them wrong. In this case I had the opportunity to do just so.

Adams ramblings cover everything from horse betting to pub nights in his personal life, and projects and interweb to his online life. On the projects category you can see just how dedicated he is to his websites, and he has quite a few. You will be able to find some page rank updates and some of his thoughts on how to improve his AdSense revenue. This is good, because it is always good to hear how other people are meeting their success. Adam even offers a game of the week review on his website where you can see any of the games he has sampled from texas hold 'em to crazy maze games. He advertises his list of websites as well as his Mates list, which is the UK term for Buddies if you are not up on your true English lingo. Take a few minutes, pop in and say hello.

Messenger Plus! Live Official Sound Pack Database

Searching for some soundpacks? Search no more. Drop in to the Messenger Plus Live Official Sound Pack Database and you will be able to find just about any soundpack you are looking for. This site is one of the most comprehensive sites yet with a selection of over 1300 soundpacks available for immediate download. In case you are wondering just how comprehensive this site is, some of the newest soundpacks added to the site include: mixed cartoons, Unreal Tournament, SoundFantomas—Scrubs & TV, zockerjimmy’s pack, Mozinor, and De Lo Mejor just to name a few. A list of the most commonly downloaded soundpacks include The Simpsons, Les Visiteurs, South Park, Brice de Nice (V2), Animals, 50 Cent, and many more.

But wait! This is not just a place to go and download any of the 1300+ soundpacks. Stop into the forum where you can interact with over 27,000 members and read testimonials on soundpack downloads, get site news, read or provide suggestions to improve the site, or just general chit chat on soundpacks. The site network also includes some mspscripts for you and mpsounds. Overall on the site there are over 40,000 sounds in the compilation of 1300 soundpacks. If you are a soundpack junkie, you are going to love this site. And if you are just looking for a few additions to your website, there is sure to be something here for everyone.

Torn Buttons : Photography Blog

If you enjoy taking pictures, take a look at Torn Buttons. This is a must stop shop for all photography buffs or anyone that likes to use a digital camera. This site is self-described by its owner as “the El-dorado for all photography lovers” and it is easy to see why. The blog is dedicated to photographers of the digital kind and has a wealth of information on here for either the amateur click and shooter, or the photography buff that wants to make a living behind the scenes. You will find information here on how to take that perfect shot, tips on lighting, differences between single lens reflux and digital single lens reflux, and anything else that you ever wanted to know about digital photography made easy.

This site is very easy to navigate and is aesthetically pleasing. Each post comes with an appropriate picture so that you know what the author is referring to. The pictures themselves draw your eye to the page and to the corresponding text to give you comfort in knowing the writer knows what they are talking about. The tips are user friendly and easy to follow, even if you don’t initially understand the terms.

If you have ever wondered how fashion photographers got that perfect shot, you will find out here fashion photography. If you were considering how to make an art out of digital photography, then look here. If you have questions about digital photography for your upcoming wedding, or are wondering about printing and photo editing your digital pictures, you will get the answers at Torn Buttons. There is not a question on the use of digital photography that will go unanswered on this site.

Having bad credit is a sure-fire way to move away from great living standards

Having bad credit is a sure-fire way to move away from the success and the great living standards that you have always dreamed of. But having bad credit in this day and age is not such a devastating thing. Why? Well, it is because credit providers, in their search for more customers, have identified yet another group -- people with bad credit.

So now, you need not sit and wonder how you will get back on the right track. There are all kinds of bad credit loans that can come to your rescue. Bad credit loans are perhaps one of the newest entrants into the loans business, and they are making life a whole lot easier for those who have been saddled with the tag of bad credit.

So if you are experiencing bad debt, you could consider taking up some bad credit loans to get you out of this rut and on to a better and more promising future.

Monday, April 30, 2007

Background behind Barack Obama

Barack Obama was born on August 4 in 1961 and is currently the Illinois Junior United States Senator. Obama t-shirts could proudly claim him being the fifth African American Senator in the history of the United States and he is currently the only African American serving the United States Senate.

Since February 2007 Illinoisians have been proud to boast that Barack Obama is my homeboy when he announced candidacy for the 2008 Presidential race. Obama’s leading issues show a heavy emphasis on ending the war in Iraq as well as universal health care for the United States.

Friday, April 27, 2007

Review of the LG Shine Mobile Phone

The LG Shine is revered as the sequel to the popular LG Chocolate. It is an ultra sleek mobile phone that doesn't use the newest technologies but still packs a punch for the average or even above average user.

On first impression you will notice the stainless steel design. The LG Shine is lightweight and durable, not to mention shiny and complemented with a brushed metal surface. There are, however, improvements from the LG Chocolate. First, the camera phone is worth using with a full 2 mega-pixels worth of power. Secondly, there is an expanded memory slot included, which lets you expand your memory to a total of 2 Gigabytes worth of data.

A rather common complaint to the phone is the lack of navigation efficiency. Buttons on the phone seem to be less touch sensitive, and many users of the phone claim it is a major downfall. Button layout could use some improvement too, say some customers.

The camera comes loaded with Bluetooth technology, which is becoming an industry standard these days. However, this is as good as the Shine (also known as the LG KE970 by the way) gets as far as new technologies go, no FM radio, digital zoom, flash for camera, or Wi-Fi. The lack of these features make the phone much cheaper, however, than its more expensive counterparts and there are some great mobile phone deals available on the LG Shine.

As far as any other complaints go, the basic memory card given could be a little more generous, at a mere 70 Megabytes. However, it is important to not get too picky, as you can a fortune on a mobile phone and ultimately they all can make voice calls and send text messages! If you are the type who wants a fashionable phone, good features, and a great price then this phone is most likely for you.

Friday, April 20, 2007


The temperatures are climbing and the sun is beginning to make regular appearances and is being much more generous with its visits as well. When the weather warms up and the days creep closer to summer months, cocktails and outdoor living are the first thing on everyone’s mind.

This summer, put away last year’s cosmopolitan recipes and try out some drink recipes for the mojito. The mojito is THE mixed drink of 2007. A little bit of rum, club soda, spearmint and some lime is what makes this drink recipe the must have for your outdoor life. Toss it all in your shaker and serve it in a tall glass. A stick of sugar cane adds an elegant touch.

This summer, mixed drinks and drink recipes are all about Latino flair. Play around a little bit with some wine splashes in your cocktail mixer, and don’t be afraid to add some spice. Drinks with spice and everything nice, that’s what summer cocktails are made of.

Thursday, April 19, 2007

Expat Intelligence

Expat Germany would be interesting... They have great culture and a great history. Germany also has a lot of big business. Another place would be Expat Spain, they have a very beautiful country. the islands are gorgeous and they have a great economic state. You could learn a lot from either country.

Wednesday, April 18, 2007


Are you interested in camera bags? Then you must read my blog about camera lens. In the blog, I have articles about a kodak digital camera, slr cameras, photography, kodak digital cameras, digital camera reviews, a digital slr camera, an olympus digital camera, and a wireless camera.

So, if you are interested in kodak cameras or a polaroid camera or a casio camera, you must head over to photography lighting.

On this blog, I list what I know about a pinhole camera, a professional camera, photography, digital photography, camera lens, camera reviews, wedding photography, and digital cameras.

So, here is the a wedding photographer blog again. Make sure to visit it.

Tuesday, April 17, 2007

Nuclear Now

Now in 2007, the nuclear power organizations are working closely with nuclear power regulatory agencies to make sure that nuclear power is clean as clean as it can be so if it is converted into electricity that no harmful radiation seeps into the air. That is why these agencies exist.

Find a Job

Finding a site to post your resume on is very easy to do, all you have to do is follow the user friendly sites and make sure you have a great resume, if you aren't sure if your resume is good enough buy one of these resume writing books to help you.

Spoilt for Choice

Golf gifts constitute a large variety of golf equipment and related merchandize to choose from. If you decide to gift something unique and different; here are few ideas to consider. A putting machine. This would prove to be an ideal gift if you want your golfer friend to improve at putting. The putting machine acts as a hole and if you're accurate enough to get your ball in the hole, it sends it back for you to putt again. The more refined version of this machine uses mirrors to help improve your stroke. Next could be a marker for where the ball ended up. These could be of silver, copper or even brass. The markers can also be personalized engraved with initials to make the gift all the more special. At times golfers end up losing their golf balls or worse still, confuse their golf balls for their companions. A nice special marker pen can help the golfer identify and distinguish their respective golf balls. These are usually inexpensive and come in very useful for the golfer. Alternatively a special monogramming machine could be a good idea as well. For the techno savvy golfer, a computerized scoreboard would definitely be a winner. These lightweight devices come equipped with an LCD display and can be firmly attached to the golfer's belt and save him from carrying the usual scorecard and pen. A cordless cleaner with different cleaning and polishing heads would make a perfect gift if the local golf course remains a bit muddy and wet. In case your golfing friend is a toper or drinker, a hip flask would be a thoughtful gift. A bottle opener with a golf ball as the handle would also be a nice idea. Everyday items such as fancy mugs, plates, towels, napkins etc. come with golfing pictures or mottos. Just know the personal preferences of your golfing friend, and you will land up on the right golf gift item.

Thursday, April 05, 2007

Expat Intelligence

Going to a whole other way of life is to be Expat Moscow and Expat Russia. Moscow the capital of Russia is very interesting and rich in history.

Russia and the United States have had quite the history, there may not be very many American there but you may be surprised. Russia has changed alot in the past 20 years.

Tuesday, March 27, 2007

Internet Search Engines-FAQ

If you are not really familiar with the inner workings of designing a site and trying to get it ranked then you may not know to find out about SEO. You may be asking What is SEO (search engine optimization)? Another question down the road a bit is What are HTML special characters? Once you learn SEO all else will follow.

Entrepreneur Support

If you are considering starting a business then the first thing you need to do is get a business plan going. If you don't know how to do that you can buy the software in your local computer store. you can also look into your local library or book store for a book on total know how for a small business.

Buying and Selling

Can you believe that eBay even auctions off autos in the eBay autos section. Passenger cars or SUV's. Now you know that ebay is an all around auction site if it is letting people sell autos. When you buy an auto or any type of personal property that it is subjected to eBay tax. Just like it would be if you bought something in the store.

Saturday, March 17, 2007

California Driver Education

Parents of teens in California will be exited to learn that California now allows teens to take their driver education online. Whether you live in the heart of the hustle and bustle of California or in a rural community, taking a California driver education course online has many benefits for both teens and parents.

In California, teens can begin taking an online driver education course at age 15. The state requires you be at least 15½ in order to apply for your learners permit. The first step is to enroll in a state approved California driver education course. The first six hours of the course teaches the student important information about rules of the road, California specific driving laws and general driving safety. Once you've completed this portion and reached age 15½, you can apply for your learners permit. You'll continue the course, online, in the comfort of your home at your own pace. Parents will assist their teen with behind the wheel driving lessons.

California Drivers Ed

The benefits of taking a California drivers ed course online are, that the student has the freedom to take the course in their own time. Traditional drivers ed courses require the parent to take off from work every day to get their teen to class. It's a stressful time and the course is rushed. By taking driver education online, the student doesn't have classroom instructions. The parent can assist their teen with their driving practice in the evenings when they get off work and on the weekends. It gives the parent control over when they feel their teens is ready to drive.
For more information this state approved course, visit the California Driver Education website.

Saturday, February 24, 2007

Credit Cards Make the World Go Around

Quick, what is in your wallet / purse? The one that you cannot do without is your credit card. Though two decades ago, the credit cards was not ubiquitous as it is today, its usage and penetration into the human civilization is undoubted.

We have become a society that lives on credit. And that is not necessarily a bad thing. In fact, to the informed user, credit cards can be a great convenience and boon.

Take for instance the case of 0% balance transfers. If you know which bank is offering which promotion, you could end up saving a lot of money. Or think of the 0% credit cards. You heard that right, credit cards at 0% APR.

Whatever be your need, if you are interested in credit cards, news related to credit card, or the latest offers on credit cards, or 0% balance transfers or 0% credit cards, you must visit a great site I came across:

Car Insurance

The reason that we are given from people advising us to get car insurance is that it will help us deal with unanticipated events such as accidents and theft. Car insurance will help a person fund his next purchase of a vehicle after his earlier car has been smashed (maybe for no fault of the driver... or maybe not). However, more than anything else, insurance of all kinds, whether car insurance or home insurance or even medical insurance, makes a person feel that much more at peace.

Some of our most major investments are made on our cars and homes. Losing any of these (whether to accidents, theft, fire or natural disasters) would entail a great loss. And the loss is not only of money but also of peace of mind. Taking car insurance is like taking a precaution against worry and mental turmoil. Not only will a person with car insurance find it easier to get funds to buy a replacement car, he will also not have to worry as much as a person without car insurance.

Friends! Romans! Country-Men! Lend Me Your Money :)

Ok, ok, I must not shakespearesque when talking about loans, I guess. But loans, credit, advances, credit cards have become so all-pervasive that one just cannot escape them. When used prudently, the astute borrower can literally make hay while the sun shines.

Want to learn more about loans, visit one of the premier sites on the net: and ream more about all types of loans. For instance, you could read up about Personal Loans -- a specialized yet simple product that lets individuals get a loan with minimal paper work.

Of course, if you are a homeowner, you could do better with a Secured Loan. Once again visit the site that I told you about.

Do not wait, find out more about different types of loans : personal loans, secured loans or whatever and get linked directly to lenders.

Friday, February 23, 2007

Credit Cards | 0% Credit Cards

Are you wondering what the latest developments are on the credit card front? Are you thinking about availing the offer on 0% credit cards? Are you drowning in a sea of financial jargon which you can't seem to make head or tail of? Well, you need to look no further than for the answers to your questions on credit cards. is one website that gives you the latest on credit cards, whether they are 0% credit cards, or of some other type. Visit if you want to know the what's what and who's who of 0% credit cards. The site allows you to avail of expert advice from other sites that are well-versed in finance news and developments. You can get all the dirt on 0% credit cards from Here, you can learn what you should consider when choosing or using credit cards. In my opinion, this is a site worth checking out.

Virtual Marketing Blog

As I am in the business of marketing online, I am eternally wanting to find out how other people in the same field are operating. Because of this, I am hoping to find hoping to find a super virtual marketing blog. Not too long ago, I visited a marketing site called which appeared promising.

This marketing site is committed to marketing on the net and is made up of blog posts that would be of import to those look up that are involved in the business of marketing online.

The marketing site, is a super marketing site to look up if you want to gain some insight into the explain. This marketing site looks great and uses graphs and charts to explain some of the blog posts on it. Visitors to the marketing site are also allowed to express their ideas at the end of the various blog posts.

So, if you are hoping to visit a super virtual marketing blog, check out to and gain some great insights into the business of marketing online.

Tuesday, February 20, 2007

0% Credit Cards

0% credit cards are all the rage in our times. Each and every one of us ultimately wants to have our cake and eat it too. That is why we all are constantly hoping to find a credit card provider that supplies 0% credit cards. Of course, nothing in the world comes free, and you will definitely have to pay for any service that you make use of. However, you need not always incur more expenses than are necessary.

With greater competition among providers of credit cards, each one is constantly trying to outdo the other. Hence, they are constantly coming up with newer and better deals and offers, like 0% credit cards, to lure greater numbers of new customers, and to keep their existing customers from straying. If you are hoping to get some advice with regard to credit cards in general, one great website I think you could visit is

Sunday, February 18, 2007

The Entertainment Directory

Pretty much all webmasters know how hard it is to find good niche directories, especially in the entertainment and celebrities area, that are really helpful for your site and that don't cost too much: so it's very good news to know that created a very good clean, uncluttered and SEO friendly entertainment directory, one of the most useful and powerful resources for every celebs/entertainment webmaster. As a gift to all users, also, the directory owners just released a free and accurate link price calculator - an essential tool for all webmasters and SEO experts out there.

Friday, February 16, 2007

James Smith Real Estate

You could turn to James Smith if you are in need of advice as you look to invest in real estate. James Smith is an authority in the field of real estate and has a sound knowledge of business as well.

For over thirty years now, real estate is what James Smith has been dabbling in – and, I must add, very successfully too. His knowledge of business in general, and the real estate business in particular, has led to a great demand for his advice. Currently, he is a well-known speaker who has appeared on many distinguished platforms with a number of distinguished personalities.

With James Smith real estate review becomes a far easier area to tackle. So if you are wondering whether or not that up and coming property would be a good investment, you should turn to James Smith. Not only will you get a lot of great real estate investment advice, but you might also get some great tips that would stand you in good stead for future transactions.

Thursday, February 15, 2007

Marketing Blog

If you are bored of doing the same thing at work, why not take a break and check out a marketing blog?

Of course, I don't want to encourage anybody to shirk their work, but a couple of breaks can actually be good for you and for your company. At least, it might, if what you are doing is reading a marketing blog. Who knows, it might give you a great new idea for your latest project.

Tuesday, February 13, 2007

Propolis, A Blessing For Poor Russian Folks.

I had just finished reading a book on Natural Remedies and something caught my attention.In Russia, the peasants were said to be so poor, they had to eat the scrapings from beehives. Because they need every single cents from their honey, none are left for their family. But that was a blessing in disguise. Scrap from the hives is almost pure pollen and propolis. Two things that are believed to be even healthier than honey.And the funny thing is that, propolis are so valued in the old time it was only reserved for kings or rulers of a kingdom.It's only now that people are talking about it and starting to believe that propolis has some health benefits.A word of caution though! Make sure you know the side effects of propolis before taking it as supplements. It's not for everyone,okay?


Although shopping is mostly referred to as a female obsession, it is a necessity. We have to shop almost daily for food, groceries, and basic things ranging from soap and light bulbs, not to forget gadgets, gizmos and fast cars. Moreover, most of us enjoy shopping at some point or the other, especially when we are shopping for things that we have been wanting for a long time.

And for those of us that hate the idea of getting out of the house to go shopping, thank heavens for online shopping!

Friday, February 09, 2007

Squidoo Rocks -- Oh Yes it Does

Some time ago, I came across one interesting opportunity known as Squidoo. What you basically do is construct a listing. On this listing, you can enter anything you like. You could for example list all the anchor/urls of your website.

Glance at some of the interesting listings that I have set up: Careers in Truck Driving, Businss Tips, Cichlids, Webmaster Interviews, Classical Communication, Articles, Indian Cuisine, Casino, Home Food.

This is a great way to get link strength to your web sites. For instance, you I find it interesting that Squidoo allows you to earn from listings. It places ads and other affiliate links on your page. If it makes any earning from your listings, it shares a part of it with you. It is up to you whether you want to actually take the money home or contribute it to a charitable organization.

Did you enjoy my listings? Here are some more: Other Cures, Exercising by Walking, Dog Training, Articles on Buying Supplies, ISO 14000, Bevel Gears, Indian Travel, CAT XLRI SNAP NMAT, Home Remedies.

My proposition to you would be to use Squidoo effectively. It is one thing to just set up a page and forget it forever. It is entirely another to create a important page where you rank good and actually get visitors.

If you would like to look at some more listings of mine, I do have some more: Gripping Material, Stains, Human Efficiency, Major Business, World Newspapers, Code of Conduct, Branding, HR.

I also believe that creating a Squidoo page solely for a link is too laborious. Instead you should try to get more out of the opportunity. So, get with it and make the most of the prospect. I would also recommend that you read what other people have to say about Squidoo. Wikipedia article on Squidoo.

Dent Repair

I absolutely hate it when some fool backs into my car, makes a dent on it and drives away. The thought of expensive dent repair makes my blood boil, especially when I'm not the one at fault.

However, there are other less expensive and quicker ways of dent repair that are far more convenient. Why don't you go check some out?

Thursday, February 08, 2007

Pearl Jewelry

Jewelry is the best possible gift that you can give to a woman and the value that exquisite handmade natural precious stone adds to such gifts in incalculable. If you are looking to buy such exotic Turquoise Jewelry pieces for your loved ones, a good place to do this is at Here great care is taken to bring you the finest of natural stones at the best possible prices. And as this site caters to both wholesale and retail orders you can really get this beautiful stuff without losing margins to the middlemen.

Also you can get jewelry inspired by celebrity so that you can have latest of fashion that can last a lifetime. A piece of Coral Jewelry that your girlfriend loved at a recent movie can be a great gift for her and will take your relationships to greater levels. Or they can even be great presents for a wedding, an anniversary or a birthday and gives a hint of elegance and timelessness to your relationship. And since they are imported directly from China where they are manufactured I bulk you get them without burning a hole in your pocket. So next time you think of giving a gift, think

Strange News

The world we inhabit is quite a strange one. Had it not been this strange, lifewould have been far more ordinary and definitely rather dull.

However, since our world is quite a peculiar one, we get to hear and see a lot of strange news. If nothing else, strange news makes the third rock from the sun quitea bit more interesting.

Wednesday, February 07, 2007

AIM smileys

When you are communicating on AIM, smileys can be quite expressive. You could want to communicate that you are Smiling, Frowning, Serious, Winking, Surprised, Kissing, Yelling, Ecstatic, or any of other shade of emotion.

But, the run of the mill smileys just do not cut it any more. And it will seem too much to go ahead and "buy" smileys. Well, the solution is free AIM smileys.

That is a site run by a friend of mine on the DP forums. Knowing him, I can assure you that he will keep adding value to the site. So, what are you waiting for. Go ahead and get your AIM smileys now.

Monday, February 05, 2007

California Honda Dealers

A friend of mine was in the market for a new Honda but they are very popular and his model was on a backorder. He found a website profiling Honda Dealerships in California and was able to call around to find out which had the Honda Car he wanted to buy. Sure enough using the contact information at the Honda Dealership website he easily found his dream car. I told him to hang onto the URL of that website so he can locate a Honda Service dealer for maintenance and repair of his honda Accord.

Kitchen Décor

I love doing up my kitchen with interesting kitchen décor. I especially like having good-looking containers in which to store cookies and chocolates. After all, since I spend so much time in my kitchen, I might as well spend it in a good-looking kitchen.

Moreover, these days we have access to some really attractive kitchen décor. So don't let anything stop you from making your kitchen look utterly gorgeous.

Wednesday, January 31, 2007

DirectoryContest of Champions

Watching the contest over the past few days has been interesting seeing that the contest is coming to a close in just a few more days on February 6, 2007.

At 10am PST, whoever is in the top spot for the search term "" will be the winner. The top ten directories will win prizes, and the top 3 will win cash prizes ranging from $200.00 to $2000.00.

The top three spots are currently held by:

The previous leader has dropped all the way down to 32nd today and leaves me thinking that has the best overall chance to win the contest. We'll have to wait and see.