Tuesday, December 26, 2006

This Is Adventure World Travel Directory

Your name?
Louise Thomas

What is your site called?
This Is Adventure World Travel Directory

How old is the site?
6 Months

What is the one unique feature of this site?
a proactive travel directory

Do you make money from this site?
God Willing

What is the main revenue stream for this site?
Selling Directory Space

If you were to sell this site, how much do you think it would sell for?
This site will be sold!! Estimated figure along with business £25,000

What are your plans with this site?
To expand the listings and build a leading travel directory

What sites are your biggest competitors?
Many Directories and Travel Directories

Do you rank well in search engines for this site? If yes, for what search terms?
Getting there!

How have you promoted this site in the past?
No but 2007 will see a big increase in promotion

Going forward how do you intend to promote this site?
PPC, link building, Growing the site content

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