Monday, August 21, 2006

Independent eBay forum or online auctions

Your name?
Mark Kenny

What is your site called?

How old is the site?
The site is one and a half years old, although it was re branded to the AuctionCUT name/domain on the 21 Jan 2006. Before this, it ran as a forum on

What is the one unique feature of this site?
Users get a free exclusive Dropshipping Report to all users after 10 posts are made. This mod was developed for AuctionCUT and has since been available to other phpbb boards though

Do you make money from this site?
Revenue is being made though AuctionCUT

What is the main revenue stream for this site?
Adsense revenue, although this is shared with contributors though our adsharing revenue mod.

If you were to sell this site, how much do you think it would sell for?
No plans to sell the site. if it were sold today it would go for a sum no where near reflecting the potential it offers. I'm guessing $500 minimum.

What are your plans with this site?
To develop it to become the biggest and best eBay forum online. So, quite a big project ahead of us!

What sites are your biggest competitors?
There are many forums which we're competing with including eBays own forums and the hugely popular

Do you rank well in search engines for this site? If yes, for what search terms?
Excluding all the official eBay forums, we're in the top five at for the term "ebay forum". Unfortunately, due to the size of eBay they dominate the first few pages, but this is something we'll be attempting to change soon ;-)

How have you promoted this site in the past?
Mainly though article promotion at

Going forward how do you intend to promote this site?
I intend to create more specific articles related to subjects raised at AuctionCUT & make the forum more seo friendly. We also intend to make relevant link exchanges.

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