Thursday, May 11, 2006

Daredirectory Free Seo Friendly Webdirectory

Your name?
Lapovita Cosmin

What is your site called?

How old is the site?
8 days

What is the one unique feature of this site?
It more simple then the other webdirectorys and it;s totaly free

Do you make money from this site?
I have Adsense and A Referral program don't know how much i will make

What is the main revenue stream for this site?
Referal Adsense and advertising my services

If you were to sell this site, how much do you think it would sell for?
I don't want to sell it

What are your plans with this site?
Make it one of the top webdirectorys that are free

What sites are your biggest competitors?

Do you rank well in search engines for this site? If yes, for what search terms?
Just launched now i'm working on it

How have you promoted this site in the past?
Link Building and on the forums i'm a member

Going forward how do you intend to promote this site?
A more elaborated link campaign and some advertising on some sites baners links

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