Saturday, April 15, 2006

Pagerank Toplist is a topsite rating websites by their Google PageRank

Your name

What is your site called?
Pagerank Toplist

How old is the site?
4 months

What is the one unique feature of this site (Note: mention only one)?
The fact that links back to participating sites are direct (static, not using any dynamic scripts) thus passing Google PageRank to them.

Do you make money from this site?
Not yet

What is the main revenue stream for this site?
Google AdSense

What are your plans with this site?
To have 1000 quality websites listed until end of 2006

What sites are your biggest competitors?
No real competitors because of unique feature mentioned above

Do you rank well in search engines for this site? If yes, for what search terms?
#1 in Google and MSN for "Pagerank Toplist"

How have you promoted this site in the past?
Press-release, PPC, submission to Search Engines

Going forward how do you intend to promote this site?
Newsgroups, forums

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