Friday, April 14, 2006

Multimedia Software

Webmaster Name
Mystik Media

Site Title
Blaze Media Pro
  • The site is 6 Years old.
  • The site is about Audio & Video Editing, Converter, Burning Software for DVD, CD, MP3, WAV, WMA, OGG, AVI, MPG, and WMV
  • The one unique feature that this site is about most complete all-in-one multimedia software.
  • The site makes money primarily through Software sales.
  • The owner does not intend to sell for less than 3 million.
  • The owner plans to continue development and promotion.
  • The owner thinks that he doesn't have any one competitor; just many small ones that are only for more specific (single function) operations.
  • The site is ranks well for the search terms

video cd burner
audio cd burner
wmv to mpg converter
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wmv editing
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wma to ogg
wma to mp3 converter
wma to mp3
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wma ripper
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wma recorder
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wma editor
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wma editing
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wma burner
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wav to ogg converter
wav to ogg
wav to mp3 converter
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wav ripper software
wav ripper
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wav recorder
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wav burning
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video encoding
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video editing
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video conversion
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video capture
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vcd burner
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tv capture
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sound effects
song lyrics search
song lyrics
rotate video
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pdf conversion
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cd to wma converter software
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avi to wmv converter
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amr converter
all-in-one mp3 software
add audio to video
aac converter

  • The site has been promoted using Advertising, directories, software site submissions, press releases, articles, etc. and the webmaster intends to continue this.

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