Friday, April 14, 2006

Lanzarote Tourist - Puerto Del Carmen

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Puerto Del Carmen
  • The site is 1 year 8 months old.
  • The one unique feature that this site has and no one else is that it will review bars and restuaruants in Puerto Del Carmen and allow users to leave comments and a rating on the business.
  • The site makes very little money primarily it started as a hobby.
  • The main revenue stream for this site is the adsense.
  • Owner is not looking to sell but he considers this site to have an potential to be big and if he wants to sell now he would consider selling it $2000 - $3000.
  • The owner intends to see the site contain more information about business, a bit like a directory for Island business with the added bonus of customer comments and ratings.
  • The owner thinks that he has many competitors but the main ones would have to be and
  • The site is ranks well with the search term "Puerto Del Carmen" but thats only in Yahoo and MSN.
  • The site has been promoted using PRweb, many directory submission and on other forums offering help on Puerto Del Carmen.
  • In future Owner will continue link building word of mouth and he will also try and get the local businesses to advertise the site.

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