Friday, April 14, 2006

Joe's Tablet

Webmaster Name
Joe M

Site Title
Joe's Tablet

  • The site is about Business and Technology writings by Joe.

  • The site is 5 months old.

  • Its unique feature is that not only does Joe write daily but allow the readers to contact him and participate in direct contact with him.

  • The site makes money primarily from Yahoo Publisher Network Ads.

  • Joe does not intend to sell it, but values it at $100.
  • Joe intends to be able to offer readers valuable tools to help them when using the site but also participating in it.
  • The site does not rank well in seach engines yet, but Joe hopes to change that.
    So far no paid advertising has been done for the site, but, as it gets bigger and the ads cover hosting Joe will put all that into google adwords.

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