Friday, April 14, 2006

Hijack Me

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Hijack Me

  • The site is 5 months old
  • The site is a new and unique way of advertising. There won't be buttons, pixels or banners, but nothing else than the website - fullscreen.
  • Its unique feature is that it is a new kind of advertising.
  • The site makes money primarily from the site itself.
  • Owner is not looking to sell.
  • The owner intends to make this site grow and make it more popular so that eventually it shall be everyone's start site
  • The owner thinks that there is no other site of this type but the closest amongst the other ad-only sites is "The Million Dollar Homepage".
  • The site is ranked PR4 in Google but it is not the typical site suited for search engines.
  • The site has been promoted by press releases and community advertising and will be doing the same in future too but will also think about partnerships and possible offline advertising

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